Songs Of Montana

April 17, 2009

Shane Clouse News Photo by Terry Cyr

Shane Clouse Montana Matters Troubadour

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The "Songs of Montana" cd is a compilation disc to benefit the Montana Wildlife Federation and the International Wildlife Film Festival. Shane Clouse was selected to be the Official Troubadour of the MWF and the IWFF for the Montana Matters campaign. All of The Songs of Montana were donated by the following Montana artists.

Songs of Montana
1. Introduction
2. Shane Clouse: Montana Matters
3. Jack Gladstone: When the Land Belonged to God
4. Tim Ryan: I Know the Sound a River Makes
5. Tom Catmull: Big Tears
6. Amy Martin: Raven's Wings
7. Kostas: Paradise Valley
8. Mark Sickich: The Barn Song
9. Bob Wire: Go Butte
10. Mike Ulvula: From My Home
11. John Floridis Late May Moon
12. Rob Quist: Roll On Forever
13. Jessica Kilroy: Home
14. Shane Clouse: Montana on My Mind

Montana matters will help insure that the wildlife, and wildlands of Montana are preserved for many generations to come.